Steve Dunkel, the New Director of Assessment, Research, and Technology


sdunkelMCPS welcomes Steve Dunkel to his new position as Director of Assessment, Research, and Technology. In this new role, Dunkel will manage the technology department, organize the division’s testing component, and supervise the network/computer infrastructure.

Dunkel is excited about his new role in technology for the schools because it’s clear why the job is important. He explains, “Students and teachers need these systems in place for lessons, research, and assessments.  This field allows me to work with a medium I enjoy – technology –in a forum I find rewarding – the schools.”

Dunkel plans to provide a practical approach to improving the school division’s network and information systems. He believes his ideas for the future will make everyone’s job a bit easier. He states, “It’s important to stay proactive in the technology field. Systems need to be updated and replaced regularly.” Because new technology is developed every day, Dunkel plans to keep current on innovative tools for our education system and implement new ideas into our current system.

Dunkel has been involved in technology as a career for the last four years. Before coming to MCPS as a computer technician 2 years ago, Dunkel taught history in Staunton, Virginia, and in the Cayman Islands. Originally from Flint, Michigan, Dunkel now resides in Deltaville, where he enjoys outdoor activities and sports and spending time with friends.  His parents, as well as his favorite sports teams, remain in Michigan. Although he doesn’t live close to his family, he enjoys spending time with them when he can. His brother holds a managerial job in Alabama, and his sister is a marketing student at Michigan State University.

Dunkel expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to be in his new position where he will surely bring positive growth and change to Middlesex County Public Schools. His new position begins on July 1, 2013.


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One Response to “Steve Dunkel, the New Director of Assessment, Research, and Technology”

  1. Maria Says:

    Congratulations, Steve! I’m happy for you, you are a hard worker!!

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