Interactive Algebra at SCW


A student’s interactive notebook from Mrs. Norris’ class.

This year all of Mrs. Norris’ students have been working on an interactive notebook in algebra. Their notebook is a mathematic tool that will represent their experience in math class. These students have created foldables, color coordinated notes, investigated vocabulary meanings, and much more. At this time, Mrs. Norris’ algebra class is working on Unit 2, which covers equations and inequalities. Along with their interactive notebook, the students created posters illustrating their ability to construct algebraic proofs.


Algebraic proof posters on display in the hallway.

In addition to the posters, students also played a game using equation cards. The objective of the game was to match the steps for solving an equation.  Students determined the order of play.  On an individual’s turn, the student picked the card with the equation on it and picked a card with the first step in solving the equation.  The next player picked a card that would be the next step in solving the equation.  They continued play until the equation was solved.  After solving the equation, players picked another equation to be solved and started over.

equation game

Briana Rios, Ivie Santiago, and Tyler Scott playing the equation game.

Mrs. Norris states, “The interactive notebooks have made my students more responsible for their own learning. They have become more involved in the lessons, more attentive during the activities, and more precise in their note taking.”

Written by Laura Norris


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