SCW Relay For Life Team Surpasses Goal


Relay 2014

St. Clare Walker’s Relay For Life team had their most successful year yet! The team, made up of SCA and Builders Club members, raised over $1,900! Throughout the 2013-2014 school year, the team held multiple fundraisers to help combat cancer. Starting back in October, a movie night was held where students paid an entry charge to watch a movie on the big screen in the auditorium and enjoy delicious snacks during intermission. A second movie night was held in April. Hat Days were a huge hit because students were able to pay to wear a hat all day and show their support in the fight against cancer.

The Friday before Spring break, the SCA and Builders Club hosted their yearly Variety Show for the entire school. All admission fees went to the Relay For Life team’s cause. This is an annual event so be sure to look for information so that you can attend next year!

One of the most successful fundraisers was the annual coin drive competition. This is a yearly competition held in the spring to see which homeroom can come together to collect the most money for the American Cancer Society. This year’s winning homeroom was Mrs. Harrow’s sixth grade group. The homeroom raised over $140!

The night of the big event, the team sold pizza, drinks, and pixie sticks to put forth their last donation. Everyone enjoyed a night of fun, while the whole time, remembering and honoring those who have fought cancer or are continuing the fight. Emilie Smith, SCA president, who has participated in Relay For Life for the past three years, describes the experience as a “fun and exciting way to fight cancer.”

A special recognition goes to Hannah Williams who was the team’s top fundraiser. Hannah has been SCW’s top fundraiser for the past three years!

The SCW team would like to thank everyone who has supported the team this year. Please continue to listen and watch for future events and fundraisers!

Emilie Smith, SCA president, has participated in Relay For Life for the past three years while at SCW, she describes the experience as a “fun and exciting way to fight cancer.”


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