Interested in Becoming a Math Specialist?


MCPS teachers,

We are thrilled to announce a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone interested in leadership in mathematics education!

We have been selected to participate in a grant initiative, The Virginia Mathematics Specialist Initiative: An Online Program to Prepare K-8 Mathematics Teacher Leaders for High-Need School Districts, which will fund one teacher from our division to receive full tuition and a $10,000 salary supplement for 3 consecutive years after completing the mathematics specialist preparation program.  

The Details

The grant covers tuition, fees, and books for the selected teacher to complete the mathematics specialist preparation program outlined in the attached document.  All course work will be offered in an online format.  Upon satisfactory completion, participants will receive a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics and Science Leadership track, from VCU as well as Virginia’s K-8 mathematics specialist add-on endorsement to their teaching license. In addition, the teacher will receive a $10,000 salary supplement each year for 3 years (Fall 2019 – Spring 2022).  

Conditions for teachers

Teacher recipients must (1) complete the entire MIS degree program, (2) maintain full-time employment in their nominating school district for five years (Fall 2017 – Spring 2022), (3) take on mathematics teacher leadership responsibilities during the 3 years of the teacher leadership service commitment (Fall 2019 – Spring 2022) and (4) participate in the online monthly meetings of the Mathematics Teacher Leader Mentoring program for 2 years (Fall 2019 – Spring 2021).

To be considered:

Please submit the following to Dr. Tracy Seitz no later than April 25:

  1. complete the screening application
  2. an updated resume
  3. brief statement of interest


If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of us and we’ll be happy to discuss this amazing opportunity with you!

Peter Gretz, Division Superintendent

Tracy Seitz, Assistant Superintendent

Carol Walsh, Mathematics Specialist

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