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Parent Information from 3Rivers Health District

June 11, 2017

Parents and community members,

Please find important information from the Three Rivers Health District office. Click the picture below for helpful information as we all head into the summer, and head outdoors!

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 3.42.07 PM

Hey, Show Some Respect!

June 8, 2017

Adults hear it all the time. We are out of touch. We don’t understand. So maybe that’s accurate, but that still doesn’t mean that we need to tolerate the rolling of the eyes, sighs of exasperation and that little irritating scoff that we frequently endure from the younger generation.

Hey, we’ve been through a lot & deserve a little respect!

Think about what we have had to deal with over the years:

1. The only way to have that new song before you bought the complete vinyl album or the “45” came out was to hover over the record button of the tape recorder indefinitely waiting to tape it off the radio. What’s a “45”? Well, ask anyone over 45 and they can tell you!

2. Anything you needed had to be purchased from an actual brick and mortar store. No Amazon, no 2-day delivery, no Google Play, no iTunes. Virtually everything was closed on Sunday so that everyone could spend quality time with the “fam”.

3. We didn’t have Wikipedia. We had 24 volumes of Encyclopedia Brittanica. Do you know how tedious this was? (Full disclosure: it was kinda fun, too.)

4. We couldn’t just “change plans on the fly.” Either you got to the right place at the right time, or no one knew anything, and everything was ruined.

5. Meeting someone required some effort and courage, not just a social media app.

6. You actually got to watch movies in the theatre without knowing the spoilers in advance and weeks later, new movie goers still didn’t know the ending of the movie.

7. We didn’t have “on demand,” streaming video. Heck we didn’t even have RedBox. We had “driving to the video store and spending an hour looking at the dust jackets and picking out some video that might not even work.” What’s a dust jacket you ask? UGH…Let’s just move on…

8. We didn’t have video games with “immersive worlds,” we had one pixel at a time…think PONG.

9. We didn’t have Skype, we had calling cards.

10. Taking trips involved planning, a road atlas and the AM radio travel alerts. You didn’t have all this GPS stuff with second by second updates.

11. We couldn’t take a million digital photos and hope one came out well. Every shot was money out of your pocket.

12. Pretty much everyone could smoke anywhere anytime. In fact at many high schools, there was an actual smoke zone where students had free reign to “light up” as needed.

13. Privacy for phone calls was restricted to how far you could stretch out the curly cord, and there were pay phones on every corner.

14. The closest thing to health food was the tasteless rice cake!

15. We didn’t have Craigslist or LinkedIn or any other such wizardry. We had a newspaper, the classified section and a highlighter.

16. We didn’t have Instagram. Sharing your travel photos meant boring people to death with albums, scrapbooks or slides.

17. If we lost the Entertainment sections in the newspaper, everything on TV was a complete mystery, but actually that wasn’t quite as huge of a deal as you might think because there were only 3 channels to choose from!

18. But we did have this amazing thing called BOREDOM. Complete boredom was totally acceptable and in fact, it built character. You could relax, daydream and imagine what great inventions would be developed in the future…

So remember next time you want to lash out at someone of the mature variety. We really do deserve respect. We’ve earned it. We’ve clearly had to endure a lot!

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