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FY19 Budget Feedback

October 30, 2017

Your feedback is vital to our budget development process. As we identify the needs and priorities that will characterize our spending plan next year, we want your opinions. Please click here to access the survey or follow the link below to enter your responses right here on this page:

Please take the time to share your thoughts and to identify programs that you would like to see enhanced, added or even eliminated. The survey is open to anyone (parents, teachers, staff, students, guardians, community members, citizens, residents, etc.).  We truly want everyone’s feedback, so don’t hesitate to share our survey with anyone that you know has an interest in our schools.

Why School?

October 9, 2017

The other day, I heard an elementary student interrogate her mother with the same question asked of me for the past 12 years:  why do I have to go to school?

School. That glorious mix of social and educational experiences that happens 180 days a year for thirteen straight years. Sure there are holiday and summer breaks, and even those occasional professional development days when teachers show up but students don’t, but just think about it, for the most part, our entire childhood is spent within the concrete walls of some sort of educational institution.

Well if you have to be there, (and guess what? The US Government says you do!), let’s focus on the positive and make the most out of it!

Here are some really great reasons to get up and go to school every single weekday.


Let’s face it; school just isn’t the same for you or your friends when someone is absent.  Friends are there to walk the halls with you, tell you when your shoe is untied, keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest school gossip, and basically help you get through the day. True friends are your most loyal fan club members.  They are there to support you when you try out for area band or take the field for your first big game. They listen to you go on and on about the joys of biology and help you make campaign signs when you run for class president. And when you’re home sick with the flu, good friends take notes for you so you don’t fall behind.  Best friends forever!

Do we have spirit? Let’s hope we do!

There is nothing like a school bursting with school spirit. Not only should you think your school is the best place on Earth, but you should want others to agree with you. Think about it? Why wouldn’t they?  Pep rallies, spirit days, school events, socials, get into it! Being part of all that excitement and pride is more than enough reason to show up.

The Perfect Attendance Certificate

For those ultra-competitive students, scoring the highly-coveted perfect attendance award is a tremendous honor. Being at school every day means fighting through the days when you have the blahs (and hopefully you’re not contagious!), the days when you have tests but didn’t study (let’s not make that a habit), and even the days when it’s pouring down raining and no one in their right mind would step outside.  Being in class every day says a lot about your (and your parent’s) commitment to education and your belief that showing up matters. Two thumbs up!

Life Prep

It might not seem like school is preparing you for life but it totally is. I agree, you may never need to know the exact calculation of pi (by the way…it’s 3.14159265…) or the names of all the planets (what the latest on Pluto?), or even that there are eight parts of speech (we all know those:  verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction and interjection), but school is teaching you to show up, work hard, and apply what you’ve learned. Those skills will serve you well no matter which path you choose after high school. Yep, those thirteen years of school are helping you evolve into an adult!

Fun, Fun & More Fun

I know you don’t want to, but go ahead and admit it, school can be fun:  learning new things, exploring fresh ideas, succeeding academically, excelling in extracurricular activities…fun, fun, fun and more fun. Face it, even eating school lunch with your friends is fun. We know that all schools are not created equal and for some, the buildings and equipment are less than stellar, but the quest for knowledge goes beyond what happens in the classroom. Students learn from their teachers, their classmates and the entire school staff. When it’s all said and done, you’ll graduate from high school with a lot of great memories of all the fun times you’ve had over the years.

School.  Get there, be there and stay there!

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