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Thirsty for Literature?

February 19, 2018

Middlesex Elementary School is again participating with students and families across Virginia in a statewide family reading event called Virginia Reads One Book during February of 2018.  With the active support of sponsors like the Washington Redskins Community Foundation, the Virginia Bankers Association Education Foundation, and the Virginia Council on Economic Education, thousands of Virginia students, families, and schools will read The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies and celebrate both family and financial literacy.

Can math provide a theme for a One School, One Book selection? You bet your calculator it can.

The Lemonade War is of course not just about math; it just isn’t afraid to use it.

Evan is a 4th grader in his last week of summer. Evan is mortified when he finds out his extremely intelligent younger sister Jessie is being moved up to 4th grade and will be in the same class!

Normally Evan and Jessie have a great relationship, but this new piece of information has Evan angrier than ever at his little sister.

Evan decides to spend his last week of summer working on a lemonade stand with his friend Scott, but refuses to let his sister Jessie help.

Evan and Jessie quickly find themselves in the middle of a Lemonade War to see who can make the most money, and this war has them both behaving badly! These siblings find themselves sabotaging batches of lemonade, hiding money and do anything they can to win. As Evan and Jessie duke it out over supplies and advertising and marketing techniques – they also have to use some math.  Jacqueline Davies includes math problems, charts and graphs, business plans, business terminology and definitions, using the sibling’s zesty competition to draw the reader in.

The Lemonade War is the thirst quencher of chapter books with a clever blend of humor and math fun which will help the reader understand the importance of math in everyday life.  What more could you ask for?

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